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Wrong Side Of History?

Advocates of homosexual marriage, “gender equality”, abortion and other Culture of Death projects, frequently claim that we (orthodox Christians) have lost the battle, society has turned against us (permanently) and that, having thus been defeated, if we want to continue in existence, we have to change ourselves to fit in with society, the Establishment, the culture, we have to get with the programme – or else. We are on the ‘wrong side of history’, and the flow of humanity’s story has left us behind. Others, orthodox Christian writers, consider that this is definitely not the case; I have read several articles recently claiming that these things are not true; society will not, in the long term, accept same-sex marriage as normal, and that in time, such things as eugenics and mass-abortion will cause popular revulsion (despite the efforts of many powerful leaders, such as President Obama, to export CD projects and values around the world). Besides – it is claimed – these ideas of new, ‘evolved’, normality, are merely Western, and as such part of the decadence of materialism that is badly affecting us, and will eventually ensure our demise. Perhaps – it is argued – we are the ones that are actually on the right side of history, as shown already by the unwillingness of many emergent nations, and people throughout the world, to accept Western re-definitions, and such as atheist materialism.

But suppose the orthodox Christian writers are wrong, and such things as same-sex marriage do become the accepted norm, throughout the world in future times, and seem to acquire effective permanence, in human society – does it matter? Suppose Christianity does turn out to be on the wrong side of humanity’s progression in time, would that be new? Would it be something new and different for Christianity to be distinct from the way humans and society seem to behave, and to be going? Was never Christianity against the world? Yes it was, particularly when it was being most true to the injunctions of its founder, and the beliefs and ideas which flowed from that. If the Church is on the “wrong side” of the world, so much the worse for the world, for the ‘natural’ human inclinations, urges, and values; for one thing is certain, whatever form ‘history’ takes, now and in the future, the Church, which can never ‘lose’ (the notion is absurd), will be on the side of Eternity, will be on the correct side when all is restored to the way it should be, when all is made right. In the meantime, things might get difficult, and everyone may not stay faithful to the Truth. Was it not ever thus?


July 2015