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The Right Kind of Vision Is What Matters

At the moment, it’s just about impossible to go anywhere, in Britain, and not hear the R- word – including church, as I discovered a few days ago. There was a prayer for our nation (er … surely they mean former-nation? We’re just a province right now) in these allegedly-stressful, post-Referendum times – though some people might be feeling very pleased and hopeful (the prayer could have been written and published by the Church of England itself, but I may have mis-heard that). In my previous article (May 2016) I was suggesting that idealism was the father of tyranny, and that we should avoid falling into it – but what of that passage in Proverbs, suggesting we should have a vision – isn’t Vision much the same? Perhaps I was suggesting we ignore that verse of the Bible? This thought might be troubling to me, an objection, until we consider what kind of vision it might be that the psalmist was recommending, and what kind we might wrongly fall into. My suggestion (much as I wrote last month) is that what we must avoid is a purely human vision, one concerned with this world only, and its organisation and valuing, by us, with no regard whatever for God, and his actual rulership of our world. Yes, where there is no vision of God, where humanity constructs its own vision with regard only for itself, then it will, indeed, perish. That, I would suggest, is the problem with many human mega-institutions and world-governments, today (and the EU, at its worst, is just such an institution – but not the only one). Governments and states will rise and fall, including the EU – nothing purely this-worldly lasts for ever – but however we feel, what ever we currently feel (anxiety or elation), we have to remember that we, as Christians, are citizens of an eternal city which can never be destroyed.

June 2016