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Whose Baby? Our True Origins and Home

When I was very young (but obviously old enough to have heard of the Universe, and space travel) I had the crazy notion that I had actually come from far, far away – some remote planet – and my parents were really sort-of foster-parents, who I had been assigned to (or them to me). Not long afterwards, I thought this to be mad, ungenerous, and very juvenile. Some years later on, I began to think that these childish notions were maybe not quite so silly after all … Soon after that, my own children were on the way (this was the very-late 1970s/early 1980s), and, as a result, I began to think about these things once again.

My childish ideas were not so childish after all because (as I now consider) that I (and everyone else, of course) actually came from somewhere that was not temporal Earth, but Eternity, and we were, are, really the children of God, created by him as an intentional act, far beyond time’s accidents. As someone about to become a parent, I realised that it was actually God who was “sending” us someone, and that me and his/her mother had in fact no more than mixed the physical ingredients together; the child had existed in eternity long before we “came” to be, and to eternity he/she (and all of us) would return.

I fancy C. S. Lewis expressed the view that existing here, in the realm of time, was, when you examined it, an unnatural thing for people, and that we, Christians, inhabited an alien, occupied territory (he was surely writing in the 1940s, when enemy occupation of territory was a very real thing). Of course the dear Earth is our home (forget the current fantasies about future re-location in space) – but only while time, or our time, lasts; of course our mother and father are our parents (how awful it would be if Christians started referring to them as merely their “biological parents”!); but some time, whenever that might be, we will all return to our true home, and our true Parent.

October 2017