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We’ll See!

I’m alluding, of course, to the Day of Judgement when I say this, which I often do when I’ve been debating with some Christians  – they may well be of the “liberal” disposition, at least in some things – and we fail to find agreement regarding new practices or values or beliefs which have been considered, by them perhaps, to be now acceptable or appropriate, or the kind of thing which real Christianity should now uphold, or even celebrate (changed times, changed attitudes, changed – above all – knowledge – they may perhaps say). The old laws and rules will have to be, in some cases … adjusted. But does God know about the new ideas, new knowledge, new practices and beliefs? Does God celebrate them (as once, clearly, he and his Church definitely did not, or would definitely not have done, had those beliefs and practices been around; the Truth which the Holy Spirit has been leading us in, and towards, has obviously changed, according to this view)? If God is not thoroughly “on board” with the new things, then he might, reasonably, take a dim view of them indeed – God, we are told, will not be mocked, that means (I think) that he will have the last word, and it may just be a word of censure, he may not be taking the view the “liberalisers” are taking. Of course, I may well be wrong, and he might be taking exactly their view, rather than mine (I often can’t persuade them). Oh well (I finally say), “We’ll see!”

February 2018