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Is Your Virtue Showing?

You know it, I’m sure. It used to be called “having a holier-than-thou attitude” (but holiness isn’t very popular these days); then, it was called “seizing the moral high ground” (but morality can so easily be confused with that awful thou-shalt-not stuff); presently, it’s called “virtue signalling”, which is the way by which people (mostly, important people, those in the public eye) show that they (unlike you) are very, very good people, and conform to the highest standards held by … prominent people like themselves (unlike ordinary nasty people). Such people signal their virtue by such things as praising “brave” celebrities who “come out”, and join the homosexualist movement; or saying that all refugees and asylum seekers are poor, victimised people whom we should readily give a home to, and everything else they want; or demanding that limitless money be given to the NHS, which should offer every service demanded of it, to everyone. Of course, there really are people who feel themselves to be same-sex attracted who suffer, as a result, from the actions of some of those around them; there are refugees who simply want to live in (what we understand as) peace – and permanently create such a (peaceful) society for everyone else; there are, also, many arguments for the basic goodness of a healthcare-provision system which is free at the point of need, and does not require constant payment by everybody, regardless of their situation – but the virtue-signaller is one who goes as far as to express, and to be reported (as widely as possible) expressing, views of this kind. Such people will be praised in the main-stream media (which often they are themselves part of, already).

November 2016