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Truth Anyone?

One problem with many Christians today, it seems to me, is that they have no concept of truth, fullest truth, objective reality, that which actually is, despite whichever way we’d prefer it to be (never mind “I am the way, the truth and the life”). This means that for so many in the pews, so often, Christianity is, at the end of the day, a part of the truth, a portion of the whole, and other religions and other people have some complimentary part of it as well (even though their account of things may be totally different). So there’s no question of Christianity having, or claiming – pretending, even – to have The Truth (if it exists). (Do they ever ask themselves to what extent the ministers of that rather different religion in the currently-strange-looking building up the road might admit that they just may be sharing a bit of reality with those nearby Christians?). And then, there’s the nature of this dodgy stuff The Truth, dodgy, because it surely doesn’t exist – this thinking goes – in the realms of what we call religion, philosophies and suchlike. But science, and scientific accounts (haven’t you noticed?) are rather different. Recently, I saw a popular television scientist (“Humanist”, I fancy) reel off a whole list of thing that YOU HAVE TO believe; the media person interviewing him, of course (such is the way of things) never questioned or queried any of this; and most religious people are generally more than happy to accept anything as unquestionable objective truth if it sounds vaguely scientific, or if a scientist says it. Now it has to be said that the kind of Christianity that discounts possession of an objective truth tends to be the mainstream (or is it “formerly-mainstream”?) Christianity of the “liberal” variety. One reason why this kind of Christianity will not, can not, survive is that any group of people who have no confidence in their possession of objective truth, which applies to everyone and everything (and that, thus, like it or not, all have to believe) will quickly be replaced by any group which does.


April 2016