Themes and Thoughts
Food From Thought

Themes and Thoughts

God is Very Much in Control

The Real Real Meaning of Christmas

Did the organisation of Christians Precede the Writings of the New Testament, or vice-Versa?

Thinking About Our Death is Beneficial, well, it Can Be …

When Is A Christian Not A Christian?

Are Ordinary Individual People Important?

In His Image …? What’s That?

Is it the Church that has Moved, or Truth?

Is The “Baby Boomer” Generation Lucky? Why, Exactly?

Should We Edit Scripture to Suit our Ideas?

What form, exactly, did Jesus’s resurrection take?

Will God, finally, “celebrate” the ideas, beliefs and practices of the “liberalisers”? We’ll see …

Harry Blamires, one of the most important defenders of orthodox Christianity, died in November 2017, aged 101.

So, Christmas Day on a Monday, this year!

Our Culture Negates Truth

Is the World our True home, Are we Simply the Productions of Our Parents?

Can the Leaders of Churches Just Change Things?

Sargent’s Crucifixion – Why Is It Important?

God Created Sex, Sure, But …

What Does Pain Teach Us?

Is Love – in Relationships, for Example – Always Sufficient in Itself?

Are Some People Worth More Than others? Do We, Should We, All Have Influence Concerning the Way Things Are Ordered?

Are Animals Really Almost The Same as Humans?

Mankind Set Against God – Do You See It For What It Is?

Do you pray to Jesus, or …?

Only Being One Of Us Would Do

Virtue, and Displaying It

Trust to Luck – Or the Trinity?

Compassion – Does it Come Free, Easy, Without Consequences?

What Is It With So Many Church Leaders and Christian Truth?

Did We Think Up The Idea of God?

“Where there is No Vision, the People Perish” (Proverbs 29:18) – Indeed, But What Kind of Vision Should the People Have, Exactly?

Idealism – Is It Good For Us?

It’s Having No Real Conception of Objective Truth That’s The Problem

Do you Sometimes Think the Institutional Church is a Bad Thing?

Why Did God Made Laws and Rules and Suchlike?

Do You Sometimes Get The Feeling That The Anglican Church Has Been Hi-jacked?

The Journey of the Magi Is Ours

Is the Badness In Our Culture A Cause of Greater Evil?

Why Do We Hear Little About Persecuted Christians in Our Churches?

Tell God What He Already Knows

God loves me, but … As I Am? Maybe Eternity Can Help …

What Should Be the Christian View of Asylum Seekers and Refugees?

Orthodox Christians Are Often Said to be Going Against the Flow, on ‘The Wrong Side of History’. So What’s New?

A Faith That Equips Us For All of Life - And That To Come

Do We Believe in Marriage, or Just “Marriage”?

Are Non-Theists/Non-Spiritual People Backward, Arrested,  in Some Way?

Christianity And Materialism – A new title from Twin Books

Are Christian Creeds Just “Finger-posts”? Is Ultimate Truth Something Else/More?

Are All The Poor Deserving?

A slippery slope leading to really bad things? Maybe …

Did the First World War Soldiers Die in Vain?

Halloween – More Than Just a Bit Of Fun

Religion of peace? It depends what you mean by …

Could Our Society Really Get To Be Like This …?

Should the Church pursure Christian truth – or shape its message with an eye to media reports?

Should we worry about not being “inclusive“?

What should really set the Church’s “agenda“?

Be true to myself? I’d really rather not …

Mary Whitehouse right after all? Sex and the British media

It’s constantly necessary to remember, and bring to mind, what Christ has done fur us

Is incremental Islamicisation inevitable, as some people think?

Are we right to pursue endless reconciliation attempts? Is this the only (Christian) way?

Where does badness come from? From good people, mostly

They stand between us and the culture of Death

Christmas carols reflect the cosy imagery of happy Christmases – but often they tell us important truths

God and our rulers

Bad People?

Forget Beethovenall human life is valuable

Lust - and infantilism

Souldn’t you be out there stoning someone? No excuses now!

Private religious faith - and its consequences

What’s “eternal life”, eternity, all about?

Is there one truth you can find – or are you travelling hopelessly?

It’s time to get militant!

A society ruled by lies

Recession? I wonder …

God becoming man … the most important thing

Hypocrisy? What’s that?

It’s the obsession with self that’s the problem …

Being a sinner is surely fine, now? Wasn’t Jesus drawn to sinners, OK about them?

Peace at all costs … Abjuring all killing …  I have a problem …

Don’t let the Gay Marriage Campaign Fool You …

We do have a right to know what goes on in their bedrooms

Pregnancy reduction by Sex Ed and Condoms? Get real!

Do we have to have dignity When dying…?

Education without religion? Don’t be fooled.

The Church, The Scriptures … Who’re you going to trust?

Wonder just who’s being fooled? Deception works either one way, or the other …

Real marriage – or…?

What is “Creativity”? And what is distinctive about Christian writing? Some thoughts occasioned by the re-design of the Twin Books website.

What actually is change, and can any election, or any kind of politics, bring change to our society?

Episcopal advice about the BNP? Oh really…

Protests against the Pope – the typical hypocrisy of the Pro-Death lobby

The church – too feminine …?

Christian Culture / Secular World … What this means …

Atheists Love life” – Oh really? What’s “life”?

Child sacrifice in Church – you know it’s the future

What is Christian marriage for, exactly…?

The One Christian Truth – or something else…?

Don’t misunderstand “individualism” – it’s really not a bad thing …

Will the Gates of Hell Prevail against It?

The fraught future of the Christian Church in the coming times.

Want love, compassion, loyalty, etc., without messy religious ideas or proper beliefs?

Ethics on their own are always attractive …

It’s about time we understood our relation to Nature properly…

The death of a baby in London, in 2008 – where does the real blame lie?

Omission – the hardest of all.

For the Church of England’s future – look to America

How should Christians Respond to Evils done in our society?

Home – a glimpse of eternity in every-day life.

Want to Die Forever? That’s the world we exist in, if the truth is faced

A Nation Bound For Chaos – What is the role of “private” beliefs in the governing of a country?

The Most Important Thing. Of all the kinds of worship we offer, of all the blessings we receive, this is the very greatest…

Abuser or Sufferer? The misunderstanding of the nature of God at the heart of a present-day misunderstanding of Atonement

The Message of Sex – Somehow humans just can’t get it right

It’s Not About Homosexuality … – The Anglican church/communion faces a crossroads, a choice between two different kinds of church.

Talking won’t solve all the world’s problems – humans are to blame …

Do I need to Get You In? – Well, no, actually …

What’s in a Name? - look at the way names and labels operate in contemporary British Christianity.

Is it really a church? – Do Christians have to be more discerning about place and space?

“Liberation” – so called … does it actually free people…?

Praying for Small Things? - Many of us feel a bit awkward about the idea of praying for minor things, little things we think we need – somehow, it doesn’t feel right – but maybe that’s not how we should think…

Evolution of Ethics? – I don’t think so…

Nature and Promiscuity - Current belief in the legitimate demands of a person’s nature can lead in unexpected directions, and once our feet are on that road …

Separation and Atheism - In Britain, we have never had it – but many countries have. The idea of separating religious denominations and government often started out as an attempt to prevent conflict – but today, in many places, it is simply a weapon by which materialists/atheists can enforce their own particular creed …

Contents-Label Church – Want to know exactly what you’re getting? Want to make an informed choice? Why shouldn’t churches/clergy be just like the food on the supermarket shelf?

Future Crisis - Christianity in the West is fast approaching a crossroads. Many church leaders and prominent Christians seem to prefer to ignore the fact. One who has spoken out is Jayne Ozanne …

The World We Live In Now – Is “postlapsarian” one of your words? Are you OK about things fallen? Or maybe you confuse this present reality with that which God created? Too many Christians, today, seem to think and reason as though this is how our world was always meant to be…

Absolutely Anything But a Good Man – Today’s reductionists, “modernists”, or critical theologians – call them what you will – would have you believe that Jesus was just an ordinary man. Oh really? I find that totally unbelievable…

Let’s Hear It For Matthias! – Barely recorded, hardly known, this man chose to risk everything for a lost cause – following a dead and dishonoured itinerant preacher, with only persecution, torture and execution in prospect. Welcome to the Christian faith…

Church Compliant – It used to be the “Church militant here on earth”, in the world but not of the world, fighting against this-worldly values for the things eternal – but that was a long time ago…

Glimpses of Glory – In this short 1940s sermon, C. S. Lewis expressed, I believe, the most significant and valuable religious insight of the twentieth century …

Feelings and Reason – Dominated by how you feel, in so many situations? Brought low by the turmoil inside? Reason and argument are the great ally; they’re on your side…

The Optimistic Doctrine - “Original Sin” doesn’t sound very nice, for sure – but in fact it is the only hopeful, and ultimately joyful, way to understand human nature; the alternative can only lead to despair…

Good to be Green? – These days, everybody’s a conservationist; environmentalism is politics, religion, and probably other things as well. But what might be the Christian attitude to all of this?

Oughtism – Time and again, many people – including Christians – manage to believe, as truth, whatever they think ought, or ought not, to be the case; indeed, there are times when I get to think that oughtism, of one kind or another, is the most prevalent religion around today…

Balance – So often, the Christian faith involves holding together two alternatives, or even seeming-opposites, keeping two different things in balance…

008 Will Replace Me – James Bond knew that if he couldn’t complete his mission, M would send out someone else. The Holy Spirit does just the same; the important thing is to do what you can…

The Unsuccessful Californian Evangelist - It’s not how many people you reach, it’s what you communicate – and how many people they reach…

Different Paths Lead Down To …. – We’ve all heard the notion that all religious people are going in the same direction, despite their starting-point; I don’t believe this for one moment – but I do believe the opposite: that all illusions lead, from many different places, to the same end…

Inside and Outside – Christians today live surrounded by people with little or no faith at all. It’s vital to realise that these people (outside, and maybe not looking in), do not see things just a bit differently from us, but totally differently…

Something Nice For Me … – For too many, today, religion – Christian or non-Christian – is all about doing something one finds agreeable, satisfying, or just plain nice. This is not real Christianity; we are called to witness to the truth, that alone…

Now-ism - It seems to be almost normal, these days, that people just accept whatever they think everybody does, and do the same … go along with the crowd; and certainly, we are constantly fed the idea that “This is what we all believe nowadays, don’t we?”

The Cause of Crime - “Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime!” – was the slogan of Britain’s Labour government, when it first took office in 1997; but what, exactly, are the causes, or cause, of crime? I’d really like to get an answer…

Darwin’s Chair – We often hear the idea that Charles Darwin outraged Victorian society because he “dethroned” mankind, by showing that people were not the most important thing in creation, but merely its final – accidental – product. Actually, I think the opposite is the case…

Converting Christianity – What E. L. Mascall once wrote of John Robinson may or may not have been correct about Robinson – but it was certainly true of the whole enterprise of modern theology and much of modern Christianity…