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Mankind’s Rebellion Against God

The history of humankind is the story of man’s rebellion against the God who created him. This is seen to be true in the story of Adam and Eve’s disobedience in the Garden of Eden, their determination to be “like gods”, to be equal and know as God knows (and the fall of the rebel angels, and their leader, also). It is seen much later in the anti-religion (and thence anti-God) ideas of the so-called Enlightenment; and then, supremely, with the devising of the ideas of evolutionism that originated in the 19th century, and have ever after been defended, being, as they are, the pillar upon which the edifice of materialism stands, the thinking so important to today’s militant atheists (who are, it has been rightly noted, actually anti-theists). I have written about these things in my little book Christianity and Materialism ( )

              But today the rebellion takes even more radical forms (if that were possible). Today, governments, international organisations (such as the EU and UN), the professions, and particularly, the media – people of influence of all kinds – actively promote such things as the destruction of marriage and the family (instituted, of course, by God himself, as Christians believe); the destruction of the idea of two sexes (male and female, intentionally created by God) by the invention of several other “genders”, gender being fluid, a matter of personal choice; the idea of sexual intercourse being created for reproduction, rather than individual pleasure; the valuing of human life (made expendable by the promotion of mass abortion); the emphasis – so important in Christianity – on selflessness, now utterly destroyed by the cult of personal pleasure and self-indulgence, with which much popular culture and the media saturate us; the replacement of duty and responsibility with the me-centred ideas of “human rights” (look, for a moment, at the ‘compensation culture’) … I could go on.

Of course we all know that many who argue for some of these things mean well, they genuinely do aim to free people from chains which they consider themselves bound by; the intentions of many of these people are not bad – they don’t (many, but not all, of them) plan to overthrow God and his truth – but they are often very naïve, their ideas unexamined and never exposed to questioning, they have no ‘bigger picture’ before their eyes; and the destruction of the human race may well be produced by their unthinking actions. Fortunately, God is still in control of all.


February 2017