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Militant Theism

I read recently that, in America, there’s something called the “Freedom From Religion” organisation, and amongst their antics, they’d put a big ad in the New York Times encouraging people to give up their Roman Catholicism.  I hope the RC faithful of the USA treat such action with the contempt it deserves – or rather, the incredulity, since what, I wonder, would the FFR people have to offer in its place? I would like to see the Catholics, over there, producing a counter ad, asking what exactly the atheists or humanists – or whatever they call themselves – have to offer as the reason or purpose for anything (particularly, for the business of living one’s life) – but I don’t expect that any of the mainstream media, as we have it in our culture, would run it anyway. Also recently, I went to one of those “secular” funerals. The “service” (it called itself) included at least one “prayer” (to what or who? – I wondered), and made reference to a “Spirit” (meaning neither the third Person of the Trinity, nor anything from a bottle). It also spoke of “celebrating a life”; no doubt most lives, all of them perhaps, have very good things in them from which others benefit immeasurably, but what matters supremely (and the authentic object of the appropriate celebration)  is the Source of all good things. (the great thing about attending secular funerals is that it makes one so so glad one is a Christian – and so sorry that one is not able to convince everyone of the joy of God’s eternal salvation).

But maybe we can convince them of the futility (pointlessness, hopelessness, purposelessness) of atheism, humanism, and the like; maybe that’s where we should start. Our problem, generally, is that we’re too nice, too quiet and civilised, offering only mild, gentlemanly dissention, rather than the full-frontal attack that the situation is calling for (after all, the anti-God crowd have no such hesitation; they’re not calmly respectful to any degree). The present situation is dire, the time for quiet discussion and disagreement is long over. When Christianity is all-but outlawed in Western society (and it soon will be, except where it restricts itself to the closet-only, Establishment/Materialist variety), perhaps those who are now in a religious condition which we may call largely “nominal”, will realise that the only form of defence is attack – and the only alternative is obliteration.


March 2012