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Love is all you need … Er, really?

“Amor Vincit Omnia”, Love Conquers All – I’m sure is does, and I’ve heard of Christians facing demonstrations of very angry people determined to spread hatred, and who are met only with love which, in the course of time has got to them, melted their hearts, and made them see that the Christians – who they were convinced hated them – wished only to spread love … Love is always necessary – but does that mean that love is always sufficient … for everything? Love conquers all, but does it justify all? Is it sufficient to say that you acted in love, and love alone? Is it sufficient to say that all your motives and deeds came from love, and were intended merely to give love to others? A very bad situation, in my view, is where people justify their actions – and, yes, what they want for themselves – by appealing to love. Such things happen, obviously, in relationships, when a person decides to leave, say, their spouse, and go to someone else, with the justification that their love for this other person is so great … and besides, their presence will give this other person so much love – little of which they have (perhaps) had in the past … and love comes to justify all, it begins to have a sort-of sovereign power which cannot be denied. No, in this situation, I think loyalty, selflessness, total honesty, and the right-honouring of someone else (in this case, the spouse) are more important than love, since love can more easy be turned, by people, into a justification for what, ultimately, may be something that they want for themselves; or perhaps loyalty, selflessness, honesty and honouring, are love.

 May 2017