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I’ve argued several times that we live in a society ruled by lies; what are they, exactly? Well, you’ll no doubt have your own list, but here’s twelve – a good Biblical number – from me. Actually, I can probably think of a few more …


1  Everything that there is has come from nothing by way of chance, undirected processes.

2  Human life begins at birth.

3  Humans are essentially “good”, until society/other people/civilisation influences them.

4  There can be universally-valid ethics (“right”, “wrong”) created from purely human/purely this worldly origins by purely human/purely this worldly means.

5  Homosexuality is inherent and physically determined, and thus unchangeable (see also six).

6  Gender and sexuality is socially determined and changeable at will (see also 5).

7  The world is getting hotter due to human actions.

8  Homosexuality is “natural and harmless” (Nick Clegg, subsequently British Deputy Prime Minister).


9  Homosexuals comprise ten per cent of the population.

10 Abortion “helps women”.

11 Sex is principally (if not exclusively) for something other than reproduction.

12 Sex education (and condoms) can reduce incidence of teenage pregnancy.


February 2012