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Good People – What We have To Be Wary Of

Of course, there are lots of really bad people, doing evil things in the world, supporting, furthering, the spread of real evil; but I have to say that if I was Satan, I’d concentrate on the essentially-good people – or, the good that is within almost all people – who are attempting to do good, and who support organisations dedicated to doing good, and which firmly believe they are so doing. Working with people and organisations like this would present me with far greater opportunities to spread the work of badness, which I’d be hoping for; the explicitly-evil would be much more of a liability, easily exposed, and readily subject to universal censure and, thus, (my) frustration. But the good, and good motives – good intentions – would be immediately available to me in large numbers, and not so difficult – it may take a little time, in some cases – to subtly lead into another direction. Always be wary of that which seems to be obviously right and good.

It is very noticeable how many organisations, formed to promote good, or limit badness of one kind or another, have, in time, been turned – carefully, slowly – into promoting badness. I am thinking, of course, of how many organisations either quietly agree to, or actively promote, such CD projects as mass abortion, euthanasia and “population control” – this is true of such as Oxfam and Amnesty International (all supported by many well-intentioned, good people, people (and organisations) who, in their origins, were truly “liberal”) and such bodies as the United Nations Organisation, which originally were really dedicated to establishing universal peace; but now they can be used to promote mass killing. So often individuals begin by hoping, working, for good, but so often, the good gets eroded, compromised; I suspect that this is often the case with politicians.

And it is very apparent how good things in everyday life can turn out, when examined carefully, to be promoting a message which is ultimately destructive of the human race. How many millions have innocently watched David Attenborough’s stunningly-photographed programmes about wildlife – without knowing of the consequences, for humanity, of the materialism that they are subtly promoting to unsuspecting viewers (how much more effective, this, than the rants of Richard Dawkins, which are so easily seen for what they are, embarrassing even to militant atheists – no, Attenborough’s way is far better, far more effective). Always, when watching films and television, have one eye to the creator’s intentions, how your emotions and ideas may be under manipulation.

In the actions of ordinary individuals, the intention is normally good – but can be corrupted; where large organisations, governments, and the media, are concerned, bad motives – and results – are more readily discerned, but can have much more universal effect . Both are considerably more prevalent than intentional, explicit, evil.

Of course, there are no purely good or purely bad people – these things are found together in everyone; but there are people much more bad than good, and people much more good than bad.


March 2013