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“People have a right to their religion – it’s when they try to get me into it that I object!” I’ve heard this view expressed three times in the last week. It suggests that those with a religious faith are some kind of strange people who have an unpleasant need to get other people into their group or organisation, simply to gratify themselves.

This, of course, is a view from entirely inside religious faith, and, from inside, it appears a strange one. From inside, things are very different. A person with faith in Jesus Christ is a person who has freely accepted a gift, an unconditional offer of something that is of infinite worth; a gift which is on offer – on the same terms – to everyone.

Its offer to me, and my acceptance of it, in no way depends on anyone else’s response – the idea that it’s requisite on me to “get other people in” is an “outside-ist” illusion. I may want to persuade other people to accept it because, being a nice person, I want them also to enjoy the amazing free gift, because trying to urge others to accept is (reasonably) what we’re asked to do; but if they don’t want to, that’s their hard luck.

The promises revealed by the Christian faith come down to choices and their consequences. If people choose to reject the offer, that’s very sad, but there it is; no skin off my nose.