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Future Nightmare? I Hope Not … But …

Guessing the future is probably the only human activity that is guaranteed to fail almost absolutely. Believing this, I would never, personally, seriously attempt it. But one can take certain present tendencies and trends, look back and see how they have grown over one’s lifetime, and then imagine that if they were to continue in the next fifty or sixty years, what, then, things might look like. Of course, there are many scenarii for the future; of course many leading concerns and interests, of any time, subsequently suffer a wholesale reaction, or are simply replaced by new concerns. Often, the things which we know have made up our world, were not thought of a hundred years’ ago, and anyone who, then, had suggested their future dominance, might have been considered insane.

In 2009, I tried to imagine a future world in which, if the present trends, concerns and values were projected and continued, there might come into being a society where almost  every remnant of Christianity, and the whole Judeo-Christian tradition, is totally expunged; where even inherent moral sense has been weakened by the removal of words and concepts that might express it, or bring it to mind; where the only order is that which is viciously imposed by a crazed, ruthless state led by indolent, amoral, hedonist, rulers, or rather, where the Culture of Death rules … (later I found the apposite quotation (attributed to William Penn):  “Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants,”)

This was my pessimistic vision of England of the mid-2080s, and I set about writing a novel based on such ideas, which early in 2013 I published as Death Tonight. If various tendencies in our world today, continue, as they might well, the world of Death Tonight could easily be the result …


Here is the cover blurb:

A place to be travelled through very quickly, without stopping, is the England of the late-21st century – in which human conceptions are reprocessed by the State, lifespans are limited by “usefulness”, the ubiquitous Care Bureau reports on everyone and everything – and TV gameshows are truly deadly affairs.

Carry (D659803) a fugitive lolly, Ann’a the underground proddy-puller, and illicit product Frang, are escaping from the vicious Commander Ronammo, with the help of Gerde the fowl-bargee, Ann’a’s young apprentice Fid, and tintinabulist twins Yayan and Yuan. Meanwhile, Mags, a “poor old mess of a man”, struggles with a worn-out truck that stands between him and terminal redundancy …  But the Rulership, in their secluded, luxurious apartments  – Haamun, and his all-obliging pet Onesimus,  Guerlock,  Director of the State Security Service, and, Governor of all,  the pale, chilling, Brumis – live a very different kind of life …

Let us hope none of this actually comes about.


Death Tonight can be obtained from the Twin Books site:

Or electronically from the Amazon Kindle site:   (UK)    (US)


July 2013