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Another Fake Christmas?


We’re all familiar with the idea of fake news – but what about all those fake Christmases? You know, the obsession with commercialism (well, I personally spent a good few hours, recently, choosing presents, fighting round shops, and getting in some nice wine and food …), but worse than that, I think, is the growing insistence that the “real” meaning of Christmas is simply love, joy, giving and caring. I’ve seen several television programmes which have shown how charities give presents and love to elderly people in care homes, how selfless people are everywhere setting up shelters for those living on the streets, and aiding refugees stuck in hideous camps and detention centres. We know all this is very necessary, and it is right and good that we are doing it, we know that it is a fundamental duty of Christians, and cannot ever be shirked. But is all this the real meaning of Christmas, or is it, as I would suggest, just the natural response to the real real meaning – the fact that God has come into the world, the infinite come into human history, to bring us redemption (save us from the essential human condition, the fatal flaw of badness and wrongness) and thereby give us eternity of oneness with himself. Those who have experienced, know, these wonderful facts can only give of themselves, for others, as he has asked. But the real real meaning of Christmas is him, his coming, his gift. Of course, there are many, many people who would reject all of that, admit to no such thing, claim the coming of Jesus is quite “unnecessary” to prompt them to do these good things. But they are wrong. Had he not come, would they ever have been inspired to do good, or know that there is something better, for all, or know – of themselves, by human knowledge and experience – there is such a thing as good, that must be shared?

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