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Doctrines Changeable by Church Leaders?

A few years ago, apparently, Prince Charles got together a clutch of Muslim and Arab leaders, and urged them to lift the age-old requirement that those who chose to leave the Muslim faith must be put to death, as apostates. The talks failed, I read; and however might anyone have expected that those Muslim and Arab leaders – however powerful and influential – as mere men, had the ability to overturn the specific requirements of God, as expressed in the Koran and other authoritative Muslim writings? The leaders of Protestant Western Christian churches have had no such compunction, for their synods and parliaments have gone far, in many cases, to remove or change the pronouncements of God, as found in the Bible, and in the decisions of the early Councils. We see this approach in the efforts (indeed the title) of the Anglican group which argues for the legitimacy of homosexuality within Christianity, Changing Attitude. Much, much more than human sexuality is involved here. There is only one attitude that has any significance whatever – as the Muslim leaders realised, concerning Muslim apostasy – and that is God’s. The very suggestion that religious leaders – humans – are able to change God’s attitude to anything is risible – or rather, it tells us that, for those who think attitudes really matter, that the attitudes in question are purely-human, and, thus, that religion, and all that goes with it – particularly God and eternity – are of purely-human creation and significance; it proves beyond argument – that which I fancy the radical atheists have always contended – that everything to do with religion is purely human – certainly there is no existence beyond this one, or ‘final judgement’-like event – and what was once believed in, and practiced, can now be changed at will to comply with “modern ideas” and contemporary “values”. Traditionally, the Church always believed it had been/was being guided by the Holy Spirit, as its Founder had promised; but today’s leaders have shown they consider that the Holy Spirit’s guidance has been flawed, and can only be corrected now that “enlightened” modern ideas/values have come along (not so much a Spirit of Truth, then, that we have been guided by, but one that has mislead us – or perhaps it is the modern spirit that is doing the misleading …?).

September 2017