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Different Paths Down To…

Apparently, the “different paths up the mountain” theory – that all the different religious leaders, saints, mystics, and their religions, all ended up in, or lead to, a common place – was intentionally imported from the East, and actively promoted in the late 19th/early 20th century period.

I don’t believe the notion at all, for various good reasons – but that’s another story. Turn it on its head, and there is something here that I do believe, despite the fact that it may not be readily apparent to some.

What we call Christianity is simply the manufacturer’s method of putting right damage that has affected the product. You can accept this or not, it’s up to you (this is “free will”); but if not, then there is only one other choice, but that choice at first sight comes in many forms.

Humans have tried way after way after way of making things better, of creating a better world, of finding happiness, security, well-being and contentment for all; or simply a way of trying to be “top dog” in the universe.

None of them has worked, but they do seem very different from one another. There have been many reality-substitutes. Think of just the recent ones: Communism, Occultism, Capitalism, “Scientific” Materialism, Utopianism (many varieties), Humanism, New Ageism (many, many varieties), not to mention the greatest modern pseudo-religion and panacea of all: the obsession with sex and sexuality, in absolutely all its possible forms.

None of these is ultimately of any benefit to humans at all. Try suggesting to a “rationalist” materialist scientist that his concerns and products will in the end be much the same as that of witches or satanists, and he won’t thank you for it.

I have a sneaking suspicion that it was no accident that the time that saw the greatest explosion of witchcraft in Europe – the 17th century – is thought of as the time when modern science began (though the foundations of science were laid in the late Classical/Medieval periods, mostly by the work of monotheists), and that the great step forward for scientific materialism – the development of modern evolutionism – coincided with the outburst of modern occultism in the form of the spiritualism that began in the United States in the mid-19th century, and quickly moved through the industrially-developed world.

Materialist-atheism, occultism, and ideas of political utopianism, have been a long time coming (from the early-18th century at least), and they are all, in their own way, products of the so-called Enlightenment; but in fact, they all promise something that leads, and always will lead, to failure, misery, cruelty, disillusionment and despair.

Their cause? The root is always the same – human pride, the arrogant desire to rise above and independent of the Creator.