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Come Lord Jesus


“The problem is that we actually don’t believe Christ is coming again!” – so said a man at a Christian discussion group I attend, after much pessimistic talk about the state of the world, and the awful way things were developing (mostly from me). Yes, I was rightly chastened by the remark; we can be too pessimistic, and concentrate our attentions on things like the constant rise of atheism and materialism, Islamisation, and the disintegration of such things as law and order, education, and the valuing of the fruits of Western civilisation (such as true democracy). But we constantly read that God is in control, and history, society, and the destiny of the world and humankind, resides with him whose will cannot be finally frustrated. Recently, I have read Clifford Hill’s The reshaping of Britain. Church and state since the 1960s’ (2018). In this book – which I hope to write about in the next few weeks, for the Bookshelf section – Hill tells the very worst about what  has happened in the last few decades, in Britain (badnesses, particularly in the Church of England, which I hadn’t known about): but after all this, he still affirms that God is in control, God has brought about the “shaking of the nations”, and he will bring all to an end, some day, when the Church repents of its errors. Yes, repentance is what is needed (from all of us – but, I suspect, some more than others). Yes, “Come Lord Jesus!”

January 2019