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Condoms and Gasoline

Just imagine … A house across the street is burning quite fiercely. A man comes along shouting that he’s determined to put the fire out – and proceeds to throw a can of petrol on it. The fire, of course, blazes up more strongly than before.

A while later, when it’s really taken hold the same man comes by again. No, really, he claims, I’m determined to stop the fire – and throws more petrol on it. Now there’s no possibility of ending the fire.

This is precisely the situation with teenage pregnancy, and government ministers and educational authorities claiming – with straight-faces, of course – that they’re determined to halt the rising statistics; and their methods are, of course, more sex education, and more distribution of condoms. Because their tactics are so obviously calculated to achieve the exact opposite of their declared aims, our only reasonable response – like when observing the man with the petrol can – is to suspect that their words are not one whit sincere.

Telling people (from very early ages) that sexual experience is right and good and normal (as, also, is “experimenting”) can have one result and one result only, and it’s not one involving the avoidance of pregnancy (no one seriously supposes that condoms are at all reliable, in this respect, or any other).

Then there’s the issue of sexually-transmitted disease, its most extreme forms, perhaps, being Chlamydia and AIDS. Encouraging sexual experience/experimentation, of any kind, will inevitably result in higher and higher levels of occurrence, and more and more damaged lives as a result (to say nothing of the cost to the rest of us, which will not only be financial (taxes)).

If things continue as they are, and the occurrence and nature of “sex education” continue its – forever rising – influence, then more and more young people can look forward to a lifetime of disease and the abortion clinic … and the extreme depression and psychological damage that inevitably follows.

Now, to suggest that the politicians and educators are really just cynically serving their friends in the abortion, rubber, and drug companies would be seen as extreme and fanatical … Politicians (it’s thought) are just basically-good people trying to help us … Maybe this is so, but it must surely be conceded that – like the petrol-thrower - they are at best utterly blind and deceived.

And what might be the source of their deception? Well, I can think of several sources, but one obvious one is the thinking that came with the “sexual revolution” of a few decades ago (which formed our rulers’ ideas/values, of course). Central to this was the conviction that my pleasure, my satisfaction, and my gratification must be foremost, and that this (and other personal pleasures) can be made to come free of any consequences.

But (in reality) there is no consequence-insulator – not in immediate, or in any terms – and the best that anyone could come up with – the condom – is the most pathetic excuse for such a thing, the ultimate symbol of humanity determined to order everything for himself, on its own terms, by way of its own (purely-this-worldly) values; of humanity in isolation from eternity, it is the fullest symbol of smallness and feebleness.

January 2011