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The Future of the Beacon of Hope …?

Was it Groucho Marx (or W. C. Fields?) who said he’d never be prepared to join the kind of organisation that would let people like him in …?

Today, there is only one organisation in the whole world that fully, uncompromisingly, and consistently upholds and defends the valuing of human life – the Roman Catholic Church; membership of it is of course attractive (I write as an orthodox Anglican), but, sadly, it is also an organisation that allows the likes of former-British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and no doubt other so-called “liberals”, to join it, without in any way modifying their previous anti-Catholic beliefs and actions.

The governments of Britain and the West, in recent times, have facilitated and promoted the greatest destruction of human life in all of history; and also there is the promotion of homosexuality, which Mr Blair has recently (April 2009) lectured Pope Benedict on the rightness of, and gone further, to claim that the future lies with the acceptance (e.g. among Evangelicals) of such things; the “issues” that are on the horizon (polyamory, zoo-amory and paedophilia acceptance) will surely receive the same treatment from Western legislators as homosexuality has, in time (same-sex marriage was just as inconceivable, in 1950, as paedophilia normalisation is today).

What is most distressing about the so-called “liberal” Blair-like approach, is that it believes it can simply re-create reality (the Bible and its words, the historic beliefs of the Church, and, indeed, God himself) in order to fit in with its own view of how things should be (which actually means the dictats of secular-materialist philosophy and world-view); it is, in fact, a kind of oughtism. It claims that truth and reality are (or can be made to be) something changing, ongoing and developing (of course, the utilisation of the evil of “evolutionism in everything” is at work here).

Once the possibility/necessity of the re-making of truth and reality are accepted (as Blair has), then its re-creation, in order to accord with the “spirit of the age”, becomes an imperative, a kind of moving staircase which we have chosen to step onto, and then cannot get off; further choices can only be about details.

But will the likes of Blair and the so-called “liberals” actually change the Catholic Church, and defeat orthodox, authentic Christianity?

Promoters of the materialist agenda know well that this one organisation alone prevents their total success, and its removal, or compromising, makes final success fully realisable; so the “liberalisation” or not of the Catholic Church is pivotal.

What happens remains to be seen – the one certain failure that humans can choose to practice is futurology. However, we are told that no, the gates of hell will not prevail against the Church; but this is a terrible, critical time for Christianity.

As for Britain – a nation trashed by its rulers, in the last few decades – its “soft totalitarianism” (as it has been described) might even turn into hard totalitarianism. Then, indeed, orthodox Christians can start packing for the gulag.